Attentive Dog and Cat Grooming

Pet Spa - Dog Grooming

Regular grooming helps maintain your pets coat and skin health. Grooming is an important part of your pets overall health and happiness. It also reduces matting which can be painful for your pet.

Grooming Services

Our groomers here are very dedicated to the health of your pet from nose to tail. Regular grooming is more than just making your pet smell and look good. While we pamper your pet we also look for any abnormal health concerns that may need to be brought to your veterinarians attention.  Some things we check for are lumps or cyst, ear problems, skin rashes/infections, hair loss, joint pain, etc.

Come to our grooming salon if you want to keep your cat's hair and coat in good condition, or want to try a "lion cut" to avoid shedding. Our immense experience includes more than 15 years of working with cats, so your feline is safe and comfortable with us.

To ensure a more relaxed environment, we schedule cat grooming sessions when there are only a few or no dogs present. Prices for bathing and brushing your long-haired furry friend start at $50, and lion cuts begin at $60, so contact us for specific pricing quotes.


Pricing depends on your pets breed and size. Please contact us for a specific quote and to schedualel an appointment. All full service grooms include ear cleaning, expressing anal glands, trimming nail, bathing, brushing , trimming and styling your pets hair. Some starting  price examples: shih tzu $45, mini/toy poodles $47, schnaunzer $45, standard poodles $75, bichons $50, golden retrievers $55 to $70.


Contact us to set up an appointment for our reputable cat or dog grooming services.